Monday, December 30, 2013

Monday 30 December - Stations

IForI found myself at a loose end this morning and decided to see what was happening.  Two Americans at the metro ticket machine at Villiers wondered why their credit card would not work.  I pointed out that they needed a card with a chip.  They are going to have trouble in Paris with their chipless card and will need a lot of cash.

Things to do in the metro:
- put on your make up, using a compact and a very steady hand
- read a book
- catch up on sleep, e-mail
- read a book
I arrived at Saint Lazare just in time to see one of the new trains leaving.
At Gare de l'Est a German ICE3 was standing next to a French TGV.

At Gare de l'Est there was a colorful Champagne Ardennes diesel. The only non-electric train I saw.
Gare du Nord was crazy busy, a lot of travellers were going to London, Belgium and Holland.
Gare de Lyon was busy mainly with arrivals and very few departures.  The area around Le Train Bleu was nicely decorated.  I didn't see the Train Bleu cat.

For dinner this evening we went to Le Relais de Venise near the Porte Maillot. We arrived only 15 minutes before it opened and were given a table upstairs which gave us a little more room and it was quieter than downstairs. The meal was up to its usual standard with good steak and piles of fries. Veronica was concerned that Ketchup was not on the table but agreed thatt the tarragon sauce made an admirable substitute. Mary had a vacharin for desert while Vetonica and Colin shared a plate of profiteroles. The Cotes du Tarn was an excellent light red.

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