Monday, December 2, 2013

Monday 2 December - Class of 1960

We met up at the Skinners Arms and had a good talk, drink and meal.
Dai Rhys-Tyler, Dai Bamford, Colin Bishop, Ian Cunningham, Charles Smith, Clive Grenyer, John Palmer, Mike Fulford, Peter Gregory, Colin Churcher.
It was a wonderful relaxing time and Dai Rhys-Tyler, the kitty master was able to declare a dividend on the meal.  I sent a couple of pictures to Rob Carter who is recovering from heart surgery.  We spoke to Rob on the phone and were glad that he is recovering well but sorry he could not make it today.
Colin Bishop, Dai Bamford, Ian Cunningham
Clive Grenyer
John Palmer, Mike Fulford, Peter Gregory
Dai Rhys-Tyler, Colin Churcher
Charles Smith, Clive Grenyer
The fish supplier had been so there was enough fish and chips for those who wanted it.

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