Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tuesday 3 December - Eurostar to Paris

We arrived at the Eurostar terminal in good time and Mary chose a strategic location where we would be close to the gate. When our train was called she was up like a shot with me running behind trying to catch up. In fact she was second onto the train as another woman had a lighter bag and was able to get up the ramp faster. The journey to the Gare du Nord was uneventful. There were some mist patches interspersed with some sun.  There were many fields containing clamps of newly harvested potatoes while many trees had mistletoe.

We took the Metro line 2 at La Chapelle, it might have been better to have waited for the next train as a full band with double base and saxophone got on at the next stop and so we made our raucus way to Villiers. Georgina was waiting for us at the apartment but had experienced some electrical problems. While we went out to do some grocery shopping she resolved the problem with the help of an electrician,

Rue de Levis Market is essentially the same but with some little differences,  one baker has gone but there is a new butcher. One cafe has closed but another has opened. I went to Androuet and bought a Cammenbert and an Époise. Both went well with a baguette tradition. I felt at home straight away.

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