Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday 20 December - Cite des Sciences et de l'Industrie

I went to the Porte de la Chapelle tram stop via Saint Lazare where there were still huge line ups to get into Burger King.  The tram quickly took me to the Porte de la Villette stop for the Cite.  The whole place is enormous.  I only wanted to see the building rather than any of the exhibits.  I would think the concourse area could hold the entire Canada Science and Technology Museum and this is purpose built rather than a converted 50 year old bakery.
Even the concourse is large
North facing side
South facing side
Not only is the Museum very, very large but the grounds are spacious and contain a number of striking red follies.

The canal has been well integrated into the grounds even though it is still used commercially
This folly includes a submarine in front.  There were several pairs of magpies working the grass

Tram T3b just south of Porte de la Villette
From Porte de la Villette I took the tram on to Porte de Vincennes and changed for Charenton to take a look at the TGV/STIF maintenance sidings.  There was a very dirty Poste TGV as well as the normal assortment of single and double deck trains.  There are 35 sidings in all of which about 20 are devoted to TGVs.  There is another bank of sidings closer to Gare de Lyon.

I returned through Porte Vincennes but there was trouble on several metro lines, including line 2 which I had intended to use, so I changed to line 14.  I came rapidly across town to Saint Lazare and walked the rest of the way, even though line 3 was functioning normally.

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