Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thursday 28 November - York to London

We left the hotel in good time to catch the train to Doncaster.  It seemed an age before it was posted but a question at the inquiry desk indicated it started from here and was already in. A lot of people were milling around waiting to get in but I noticed that the door button was lit green. I pressed it and the door opened so everyone followed us on board.
1001 to London ready to depart from York
The journey to Doncaster was short and Brian was waiting for us on the platform. We took a short walk to the Market area and installed ourselves in a Wetherspoons pub, the Red Lion,  where we drank, ate and talked until it was time to go back to the station. In this time I sampled an Osset brewery Treacle Stout and a Titanic bitter. Both were excellent, the Titanic having a long after taste of a good bitter.
Ordering lunch was quite an adventure as the girl had to stand on tip toe to reach the ordering screen and she didn't know where to find the various items. However we got what we ordered after a couple of visits from the kitchen staff. Two turkey dinners and a salmon salad.
The train to London was almost as ancient as Brian and Colin
The train to London was an ancient class 43 diesel which still dumped from the toilets. The riding was rough to the point of being unsafe to walk around at speed. It was the most unpleasant journey I have had in some time.

The hotel is just 5 minutes walk from Kings Cross and our room is excellent. I was pleased to see that the barriers at Kings Cross are easier to use. Last time the barrier grabbed my case and refused to let go.
The Skinners Arms was busy but provided a good snack and a Greene King Abbot ale, a favourite ale of mine at the Skinners Arms.

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