Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wednesday 27 November - York

A very calm and peaceful River Ouse
There must have been a lot of rain overnight but it was fair this morning and the forecast was for a warm day.  We walked around quite a bit and found we didn't need gloves.  Although it was wet underfoot the walk along the River Ouse and through the gardens was very pleasant.  We passed close to the main Post Office where many postpeople in bright red jackets were cycling out to make their second deliveries in the town. The old part of the city is very interesting and full of locals. 
Lunch was at the Red Lion pub, very pleasant and with good beer.

The Jorvik Centre was very interesting although there was a surprising number of visitors, mainly school groups.  The tour through the Viking streets was excellent and the animated figures gave us a good idea of life in those times.  The water was not safe to drink so everyone drank beer!
Jorvik Centre
The light was excellent this afternoon and the Minster was looking its best with the sun slanting in. We walked around the exterior and enjoyed the Deans Garden.

Mary then went in search of a coffee while I spent a couple of hours in the Railway Museum.  There was a demonstration of turning a locomotive on the turntable.  Not really very much of a demonstration as the turntable was powered by an electric motor.  It was a bit different when the engine had to be properly balanced before the dogs would come out and then we had to push it by hand, and stopping was quite a problem - almost as much as getting it going.

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