Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thursday 5 September - Shrewsbury

We spent the day looking around, getting information and planning the next week or so. The cooked breakfast at the hotel is very good and will be the main meal of the day. The room is adorned with suits of armour and weapons, pikes, muskets etc.

Breakfast was eaten with this gazing over us
Before going out we explored the hotel.  It is an agglomeration of buildings, many of  which date back to the 1200s.  Our own room is quite recent as it only dates from the 1700s. The hotel rooms are laid out like a rabbit warren and I would think that several people have become lost between their room and reception. 
The Prince Rupert room is used for small private parties.
The Tourist Information Bureau provided a great deal of info about the area and their brochures will require some study.
The Severn Theatre quickly produced the tickets for the three performances we had booked and the balcony overlooking the Severn is a great place to relax over a latte. 
Welsh Bridge from the Severn Theatre balcony
Welsh Bridge

The bus station is just a short way away over a pedestrian suspension bridge. It is very well ordered and we were able to get printed timetables for the routes we are interested in. 
Some of the buses have LCD destination boards which show up very well indeed. These are similar to those being introduced in Paris, which, so far, only uses LCD for route numbers.
The Railway Station
We bought tickets at the station for our trip to Newport to see Hilary next Tuesday. The Senior's Rail card is certainly saving a lot of money.
Shrewsbury has many narrow alleyways tucked away.  You never know what you will find around the next corner.
After plumbing the depths of Marks and Spencer we had lunch at The Bull, next door to the Prince Rupert.
Bean salad
Ploughman's with Shropshire Blue cheese, pickled onions. Very good but too much.
Marston Bitter was gnat's p.
We are still getting over jet lag and relaxed this afternoon
A Victorian mailing box (VR)

The Prince Rupert hotel - our room is to the top right

A visit to The Loggerheads produced an excellent Banks's bitter and I was happy to see the Jennings' mild is still on tap.

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