Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday 29 September - Shrewsbury

Our last day in Shrewsbury.  There are so many interesting buildings here that it is difficult to record them all. There are a few on the road down to the Welsh Bridge that are exceptional.

Although it is on a slope this building has a definite list.
We liked the upside down "dragon".

The Kings Head is leaning out over the street.
With a sunny day in the forecast we decided to do some walking along the river. The upstream meadows are pleasant with just a few people mostly taking their dogs and kids for a walk. There was an equestrian event taking place across the water.


Our forward progress was thwarted by a cowfrontation. They looked pretty docile, but some of them had horns.

The trees are changing color now and there are lots of berries.  We saw chestnuts and sloes while the wild roses were pretty extensive in places.  Back in town we climbed the footpath past Shrewsbury school from where there are extensive views of the town across the river.
From left - St. Chads; Market; St. Mary's; St. Alkmunds.  On this side of the river is one of the two boathouses.
We took the Greyfriars bridge back into town for a drink at the Three Fishes. Red MacGregor is a dark beer from Orkney, northern Scotland. Very good, good flavor and quite strong.
Lunch was at an Italian place followed by an ice cream cone at the Quarry. It turned out to be a cloudless blue sky and the Dingle was beautiful.
This evening we went to the Three Fishes for a farewell drink and fell into conversation with a couple who moved to Shrewsbury from Congleton several years ago.  He was still working part time at Morris Lubricants prior to retirement.  We had a long discussion, particularly about the tender lubrication problems of King George V which he solved.  He also reminisced about the Sentinal Steam Wagon Company which was located in Shrewsbury. We were drinking Thornbridge Lumford pale ale, another new beer in Three Fishes.

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