Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday 25 June - Dresden in the rain

It is raining and cool today and will be like this all day today and tomorrow. A good day to ride the trams. The trouble with trams is that they don't have toilets.
I went over to the hauptbahnhof which has three very large arched roofs. The two outside ones have several high level through tracks while the centre one is a low level stub end.
The kids love the model railway where they can control the trains for a euro.  This one is three rail Marklin, one I saw at Frankfurt Hbf was two rail.

The Central, low level area.

One of the high level through sections.
We started off on the #7 to Weixdorf. 
Most trams are single ended and have a gallery at the back.
About half way out a group of about 16 eight year old kids with 2 teachers got on the end section with us. The supervisors had them under full control.
The kids left in good order in the rain.
The end of the line is just a turning circle so we stayed on and went to Pennrich which is in the middle of nowhere.
The line is a mixture of centre street running and private right of way with portions of single track in restricted roads and at the end of the line.
We are waiting for a tram to clear a single line section
There was a break at Hauptbahnhof for personal needs and a snack and then sampled the #4 route to the eastern end at Laubegast and the western section as far as the end of the fare zone at Forststreasse. We passed a lot of historic buildings and hope that the weather will improve before we leave so we can get to see them properly.

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