Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday 15 June - Chester to London

It was raining again this morning but we took advantage of a break to walk the three minutes from the hotel to the station.
On the wall at Chester station

Arriva Trains diesel about to leave Chester for Holyhead.
Our train was a Virgin diesel tilting job that had come from Holyhead. It stopped at Crewe and Milton Keynes Central, running under the wires from Crewe
Traveling first class on a Saturday we didn't have any first class service but were told to take our ticket to the snack bar where we would be entitled to a bottle of water, a soft drink, a hot drink and a snack box. The attendant didn't know what was in the snack box because they are all sealed. It was pretty nasty.
My impression of Virgin Trains is that the trains run well but their customer service is pretty poor - just like the SNCF.
This journey has always been uninteresting and today was no exception.
Check in at the St. Pancreas Renaissance Hotel was pleasant. It is a wonderful place.
St. Pancras Hotel - entrance at left

Statue of John Betjeman
View from our bedroom window with the statue of John Betjeman at right.

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