Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday 14 June - Chester

A fairly easy day today. We walked through Grosvenor Park where we saw a very still heron on an island pretending not to be fishing.
It was so still we wondered whether it was a fake.
When it brings its head down it looks to be a completely different bird.
The so-called roman amphitheatre is a reproduction on the approximate location of the original.
Down by the river we watched a mother and her child give an entire sliced loaf of white bread to the pigeons, ducks and gulls.
The 1923 pedestrian suspension bridge over the Dee is a well maintained and interesting structure.

There are four different cast shields on each side of the bridge.

This sign was pasted above the handle to the Ladies washroom.  It might have been simpler to have removed the screws, inserted a matchstick and re-inserted the screws.

As forecast the rain came down just before lunch and so we came back to the room in the early afternoon.

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