Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thursday 12 December -Lunch at Le Miroir

An easy day today. We walked over to Montmartre and had lunch with Gail. She leaves for Christmas in Toronto next week mso this was a good time. Le Miroir always has an unusual menu with a small number of items.  The kitchen is very small and we can never figure out how the staff manage to work without getting in each others way. The first course was foie gras/velouté/maigre. We were eagerly anticipating the main course and the waiter was ready to receive it from the kitchen counter when there was an enormous crash when our three plates hit the floor. The kitchen frantically made new dishes for us which were certainly worth the wait. I had gibier de plume while the others had properly cooked scallops. A bottle of Vouvray was a good accompaniment.

We had a good long talk and then walked back. The railway into Saint Lazare was silent as a result of the railway strike. I don't know if any trains were running in there today.

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