Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday 9 December - New tram line 7

The day started slowly when the ticket machine at Villiers ran out of paper and I had to line up to get a mobilis ticket. It became worse when I transfered to line 7 at Opera only to find that service was "slow".  I debated changing my route but stayed with the original plan because the train was still moving along. Tramway 7 from Ville Juif has only been open a couple of weeks but the trams were well filled. The line passes through Rungis and Orly airport to Athis Mons. The route is particularly unattractive as it passes through warehouses, offices, motorways and the airport. There doesn't appear to be any sign that people live here.  Much of the line has been planted with sedum which is almost as attractive as grass but needs less maintenance - no cutting etc.
Ville Juif
This Concorde can be seen from Attis Mons.
Attis Mons
Ville Juif
I took a quick return  back to Ville Juif and found the metro still slow.
Tramway 3a runs on more conventional grass
The weather was sunny and quite warm so I decided to take tram 3a along to Porte de Versailles, then tram 2 from there along the Seine to La Defense to get back to the appartment.
This afternoon we walked up to Monceau Park, again looking good in the winter sun. The school kids were out in force.

This evening we went to Le Relais de Venise.  This time we found it first time from Porte Maillot station.  Service was up to the usual standard.  Mary always likes the vacherin here and I tried the tarte au citron.  For some reason I was given two tartes, the waitress just said that I was being spoiled.  The place was packed but we were out and on our way within 45-50 minutes.

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