Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday 12 September - Shrewsbury

We spent the day walking around the town.  First to the station, then past the prison and down to the river, across the footbridge as far as Shrewsbury Abbey.  We continued our walk on the outside of the bend in the river, past the two boat houses, across the Welsh bridge and into the Quarry Park.
A mechanical figure at a bakery
Signs of a model railway, now defunct

The Abbey made famous by Ellis Peters' Brother Cadfael
The Abbey
The pictogram helps to explain the words
This brewery has been converted into dwellings with great views over the river
Lunch was at the Armory.  It was pretty good with excellent seared scallops and two good beers, among several on offer.  The Shropshire Lad was a good bitter but it lacked a bitter after taste.  The Titanic Mild was very good with an excellent after taste.

We went into the Dingle - our arrival coincided with the arrival of two men to cut the grass.  A walk along "town walls" brought us to the back of the Lion and back to the hotel.
The Dingle gardens
Grope Lane is named, for obvious reasons, because it is very narrow.
This evening we saw "Sherlock Holmes .... the Death and Life " in the Walker Theatre in the Theatre Severn. It was a one man show by Roger Llewellyn. He was very good and projected his voice very well. He used a great many different accents. I had never thought that Arthur Conan Doyle was Scottish. It was a good evening and a pity that the auditorium was half full. At the interval people had either a nice cup of tea or an ice cream on a stick. The walk there took about seven minutes so it is as close as the Bytowne Cinema is to us in Ottawa

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