Monday, December 23, 2013

Monday 23 December - Flaneurs again

I went for a quick walk down to the Square des Batignolles this morning and saw one of the new trains that are being delivered for some of the services out of Saint-Lazare.
This is the best I could do from the rue des Dames bridge.
Mary and I then went to Blanche and walked down to Les Halles along the rue du Faubourg Montmartre, the rue de Montmartre and the rue de Montorgueil.
After the Pigalle, Saint-Georges puts on an elegant face.
This patisserie/chocolaterie always provides plenty of interest although the prices are outrageous.
We wonder whether this is a chocolate toucan
We made a detour through the Passages Jouffroy etc.
The Passages are always interesting with the blend of specialty shops and restaurants as well as a hotel and museum.
Montourgueil is a street market similar to Levis although a little more upscale.  It is surprising what one will see if one looks up above the ground floor - a golden snail.

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