Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday 24 November - Birmingham Model Railway Show - day 2

I went through the Show Guide last night and wrote down the layouts I wanted to see again.  I then worked out a route and managed to cover everything I wanted to see although it took me the whole day.  It wasn't nearly so crowded as yesterday so it was much easier to get to see what I wanted to see and also to spend as much time as I wanted.  Not much else to say other than to add more pictures.
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Worcester South Quay
Lincolnshire Potato Railway
The Blitz
Cork Harbour
Cork Harbour
Rolvenden - a Kentish Oast House
Rolvenden - visit of two Wantage Tramway locomotives and trailers
Rolvenden - Kentish Hay Rick
Rolvenden - Hop Field
Braysdown and Writhlington - well lit and detailed signal box
B.A. Bodil
Melton Mowbray Station
Mary and I tried to get a drink at a noisy pub called the Brass House.  We actually managed to get in this time but they had run out of all their cask ales so we headed out and found a quieter pub, the Malt House, by the side of the canal.  Their cask ales were not available because the refrigeration system had broken down!  It is pretty near impossible to get good beers here (other than the gnats p-- they serve up on taps).

The whole canal area is very attractive indeed and well worth a visit.  From a grimy industrial area it is being transformed into a good place to play and live.

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