Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saturday 4 January - Troyes

Mary and Veronica went up the Eiffel Tower, visited the aquarium at the Trocadero and went into Notre Dame (on the way they were accosted by a woman trying the lost ring trick). 

I decided to go to Troyes from Gare de l'Est. After a couple of run-ins with SNCF ticket machines I bought my tickets at the counter.
Train from Paris at Troyes. The driver was playing with the reverse which is why the red lights are showing at the front
The route is out via Longueville through open country.  Troyes calls itself Troyes Champagne from its location at the southern extremity of the Champagne country although I didn't see any vineyards. A double bi-mode multiple unit took me on the outward journey. The area around the station was half boarded up and the balance was closed. There are some interesting timber-framed buildings and the area around the central market had a number of restaurants.
The cathedral is smaller than most but looked to be in good condition.
For lunch:
- salad of coquilles St. Jacques and pate de foie gras;
- mushroom omelet;
- Chinon rouge

There was then time to walk back to the station and catch the train back.  This was a through train from Belfort and the hoped-for big diesel came barreling into the platform hauling a rake of Corail coaches.  As usual, the speed at the platform end must have been at least 100 kmph but it made a smooth stop. The acceleration is not as good as the new multiple units but the big diesel did a fine job.  The Corail coach provided an excellent ride and I enjoyed the trip back. 
Train from Belfort for Paris arriving at Troyes
Two big diesels at Gare de l'Est.  Diesel hauled trains are becoming a rarity.

This evening Veronica took us out to dinner in a restaurant in the rue des Dames.   Gnocchi, salmon and duck, vegetable tartelette with a bottle of red wine.

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