Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday 6 January - Travel Home

Our flight to Toronto was scheduled to leave CDG at 1130 and an early morning check confirmed this. We left the apartment at 0730 and the Metro and the RER were both running well, the RER line B was running at minute intervals. Check in was quick and then we discovered that the incoming plane had been badly delayed leaving Toronto by ice, snow and high winds. The new departure time was shown as 1300 but the plane had not arrived by that time and we finally left a very warm Paris around 1400. To make matters worse there were high headwinds and the journey took over nine hours. Toronto was in poor shape and we stood on the ground for over 30 minutes waiting for a gate to open up. Our connection to Ottawa had been cancelled but the connections people put us on a later flight to Ottawa. They had printed out a whole raft of new Boarding Cards and laid them out on a table so all we had to do was to give our names. The departure gate was changed twice, the second time when an earlier arriving flight managed to skate over the ice to the gate but the bridge froze up. The inbound passengers were imprisoned within sight of the terminal while the Air Canada agents looked on helplessly.

Our flight to Ottawa had to go through the de-icing with the result that we finally arrived at 2350. Our bags miraculously made it through as well. Steve met the the three of us and quickly drove us home.

It has been a long and pretty boring day but the Air Canada people were very good and got us safely to our destination.

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