Sunday, February 17, 2013

Wednesday 13 February 2013 - Flaneur

I had an appointment at the Riverside Hospital this morning.  Today, being Wednesday, is free on OC Transpo and I knew enough not to tap in with my Presto card because it will take off money from my account.  The girl at the Rideau Centre said that the Presto card is not smart enough to recognize a seniors card and Wednesdays.  I was talking to a couple of OC Transpo Fare Inspectors and mentioned this to which they expressed amazement as nobody had bothered to tell them.  One of them made a note in his notebook and said he would raise it at their next briefing.

The general opinion seemed to be that the Presto card was good - when it worked.

I returned on the OTrain where the windows were almost opaque with the graffiti that has been scratched in.

At Bayview a pleasant student asked me where she could find a bus to Barrhaven - the signs only showed buses towards Orleans and Kanata.  My smart phone app came in handy and I was able to tell her that the 95 would be arriving in 1 minute.  The thanked me politely and ran for her bus.

Buying a Valentine card at Hallmark Cards was an annoying experience.  The loudmouthed assistant, all smiles and insincerity, asked me if I had found everything I needed and hoped that I was having a great day. I cringed as I paid and left in a hurry.

At the French Baker I had a long discussion with the sweet young thing about the Tarte au Citron.  I prefer these which are not sweet like most lemon tarts, obviously not made with lemon curd.  She said that some customers had complained that their "tartes were too tart".  I think they are just right.

As I was carefully carrying my box of tart tartes over York Street a man was coming towards me wearing motor cycle goggles with a helmet strung over his arm.  He was carrying an old style horn with a bulb.  I wonder where the motor bike was?

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