Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February 26 - Visually Blocked

Model trains hide the baseboard and the function of scenery is to hide the trains.

Today several of us went to Martin Cobb's Karpfenbahn to work. I carried out a project I have been thinking about for some time.  In the afternoon jet-lagged John Lobsinger joined me after an excellent lunch at the Swan.  Trains running between Andergosch and Ertzberg leave the yard and traverse a sharp curve.  Narrow gauge trains climb up past a waterfall to run into Upper Ertzberg.  I wanted to make a visual block between Andergosch and the curve and between the curve and Ertzberg.  This would give three distinct scenes and a person standing at the end would see a train emerging from Andergosch and disappearing for Ertzberg (and vice versa).

Many thanks to Larry Lanctot for some of the pictures

The final visual block looking from Andergosch
A number of trees had been "planted" on the curve but they had been placed roughly equidistant from each other.  The first task was to re-plant these so as to create a more open area in the middle of the curve but with trees more closely grouped at either side.

An Andergosch-bound narrow gauge train emerges from the trees.

It was important not to block the view of the waterfall.
A train emerges from the Andergosch direction with a gaily decorated "Sport Wagen".
A standard gauge train from Andergosch is almost hidden in the foliage.
This is the story so far and there is still some work to be done next time on the Ertzberg section. 

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